Lindsay and Mark

Every SINGLE comment that I have received on our photos, from people who were at the wedding and from those that were not, has been that I look like I belong in a bridal magazine.

Quality of Service: throughout our entire engagement, Jeff and Snjezana were in constant contact with us and responded to every question that we had within hours of my sometimes frantic emails. The turnaround time on both our engagement session photos and our wedding gallery were less than a week, which is outstanding for the number of pictures and quality of their artwork.

Responsiveness: Very easily accessible, either via email, phone call, or facebook. Side note: I loved seeing what was in store for us by being linked to their facebook pages and having previews of other couples’ e-sessions and weddings.

Professionalism: I personally think that in the situation of your wedding day, the value of professionalism is far outweighed by the value of personally knowing someone and letting them see you in your underwear and spanx! While Jeff and Snjezana were introduced into our lives for a “professional” reason, I would happily go on a double date with them and enjoy their company to learn more about them as individuals and as a couple with a wonderfully interesting hobby and fantastic talent.

Value for Cost: I honestly believe that there is no monetary value on what they were able to capture for us on our wedding day. While in the grand scheme of things, a wedding in general always costs way too much money, I can’t say that there is a dollar limit that I would be able to put on the work that Jeff and Snjezana do.

Flexibility: My husband and I have rather tricky schedules, mostly my fault because I am in school part time and work full time. However, that was never an issue with Jeff and Snjezana, and while the weather cooperated with us for both our e-session and our wedding, I know that if the day wasn’t perfect, they would be the first ones to say “let’s wait until it is perfect.”

Overall Experience: I have to say that when anyone heard that we were using FCI Photography for our wedding, I could see the envy in their eyes. We were fortunate enough to learn of Jeff and Snjezana at a bridal expo, but I can’t imagine where we would have ended up had we not met them. On a personal level, Snjezana always put me at ease by telling me that nothing I did was wrong and everything was right, and Jeff was entirely encouraging when I saw him look at his camera and smile when he had a great shot. The benefit of having two photographers is undeniable, but the benefit of having two people in sync the way that Jeff and Snjezana are is unbeatable. These photographers make you value the arts and how it is present in your life in ways that most people can’t see – especially on their wedding day. I was so nervous the morning of the wedding but was completely put to ease as soon as Jeff showed me one of his first shots, and it had come out exactly the way I was hoping it would – as if I was in a bridal magazine! Being able to rely on two people who want more than anything for you to feel like a bride and feel beautiful made the rest of the day seem natural – after all, when are you NOT being followed around by cameras 🙂

My recommendation for FCI is abnormally clear here – but the bottom line is that FCI is absolutely worth every penny that we invested in helping us to remember the day that everyone says flies by. Pictures are what you have to remember – we’ve been married for 12 days now, and every day I lose one more memory that I had of our wedding. But when I look at our pictures, I am reminded of how I felt about our day.

Lindsay and Mark

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