For the love of friends and family in the wedding party.

Friends and family

It is safe to say that the people chosen by a bride and groom to be in their wedding party are there because they hold a special place in their hearts.

Whether close friends or family they have been there through thick and thin for the wedding couple. Since weddings are happy, joyous occasions I think it’s important to have fun with the wedding party during their photo session. In most cases the personalities dictate the vibe of the images, often aided by an alcoholic beverage or two. Here are some fun images of wedding parties we really enjoyed working with. The first shot was taken at the Founding Fathers pub in Buffalo. The entire wedding party and family members paraded down the two blocks from the church to the bar. The bride and groom, Christine and Brian were in front leading the march accompanied by an Irish bagpiper. We loved the idea of having the wedding party gathered around Christine and Brian at the bar amidst the chaos.  My height came in handy on this shot.


I love this next photograph because of the spontaneous reaction on the faces of everyone. The photo session is in Late Autumn at Hamburg beach. The winds are blowing at a sustained forty miles an hour. Typical beach weather for Buffalo in November. Everyone in holding a cheap five dollar umbrella in case of rain. I knew they wouldn’t last two seconds in the strong winds. I counted to three and the whole wedding party opened the umbrellas together. The results went as predicted and  now Courtney and Steve have a classic moment in time image to enjoy forever.


The third example looks stoic and staged, and it is. That doesn’t make it any less fun to create. Kayleigh and Nick’s photo session is at the Butler Mansion in Buffalo. It is an old historic building so we are going for an old vintage look. Mimicking the turn of the 20th century portraits. The hardest part of this shot was to get a happy and rambunctious wedding party to stay still long enough to capture the image. We all had fun creating the shot despite its serious look. 


We never underestimate how important the individuals in a wedding party are to the bride and groom. And we always make sure the photos reflect this with some fun sprinkled in.


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