Tips To Consider When Choosing A Destination Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding

The most unfortunate part of your wedding day is that it is only one day. The good news is that a great wedding photographer can take gorgeous pictures to preserve the entire day’s events, the fun, and the emotions. It only takes one picture to take you back to one of the happiest days of your life. The perfect album can also help complement your coffee table.

When it comes to professional photography, the majority of photographers begin by shooting wedding photos. This means that you may need to interview several photographers in order to find the best one for your destination wedding. There are several tips that you can implement in your hiring process to help you find a photographer that will capture your day on film the way that you want to remember it.

Begin Your Search Immediately

Congratulations, you are now engaged! Although this is a time for celebration, it is also a time for planning. In fact, many professional photographers schedule appointments a year in advance or longer. So, you should begin looking for someone as soon as you are engaged.

However, if you are planning a destination wedding,  you should allow at least 6 months in advance but if there is a vendor/photographer you really want to use – you should plan to book at least a year in advance if you are planning a unique wedding.

Consider Your Network

When a photographer is really skilled and experienced, they may become as popular as a local celebrity. Although they will easier to find, that does not mean that they will be the best match for you and your needs. Begin your search by speaking with family members and friends who have gotten married within the last year or two. You can also check social media for client reviews, portfolios and blog posts.

The other professionals that you are hiring for your special day will also be a source for you use to find local photographers in your area. Ask your wedding planner, caterer, limo driver or florist for recommendations.

Create A Short List

After you have found some photographers you want to work with, you should begin the process of elimination. This can be done by taking the time to thoroughly review their services. The best photographer for your destination wedding will provide the services you need at a budget you can afford. You will also need to consider if they are able to adapt to different environments.

For example, if your destination wedding will be on a beach, you will need to hire a photographer who specializes in outdoor photography.

You will also need to consider the tone of the pictures. Are you and your significant other traditional and serious, or fun loving and laid back? An experienced and skilled photographer will listen to the vision you have and articulate it correctly.

The Interview Process

After the elimination process, your short list should be reduced to around three photographers. You can then schedule interviews. Each photographer should be able to provide you with a photo album of their work to look through.

Make sure you thoroughly read and understand all aspects of the contract before signing. These tips will help you find the best photographer for your destination wedding.

This is a guest post by Mark Wilcox. He’s the founder of Wedding Intro  which helps brides reduce their stress by providing simple and clear wedding planning information.

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