“Mayhem” visits FCI

I just wanted to share some images from a model test shoot in the studio. the model (Alice Rose) came to us through the Model Mayhem website. http://www.modelmayhem.com/
We brought her in for a project at the New York Central Terminal in Buffalo. We’re shooting at the Terminal Saturday May 16, 2009. We are very excited at the chance to work inside such a historic and notoriously haunted structure. Alice Rose is wonderful to work with. She has great model instincts, an intuitive poser and is always aware of her key light. I highly recommend her to work with. Stay tuned to future posts for samples of the “real” shoot. We can’t wait! – Jeff

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  1. Yuka photo art

    O, that photographs are soo beautiful! You did a wonderful job, this model is so stunning!!!!